Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring


Cost = R5200 - 5 weeks Programme * Free First Consultation | taught by Dr King Costa
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Course description


The programme focusses on Principles and Practice of Professional Coaching and Mentoring and is dedicated to strengthening organizations through improved Leadership and Management across all organisational types from larger organisations to running or creating a small business. We do this by building capacity to achieve a lasting impact, advancing the science base through applied research and evaluation, and developing strong partnerships and providing strategic leadership.


The goal of this course is to enable you to work more effectively with people of different personalities, subordinate staff members, either as a manager, coach, mentor, or combination of all of these.

As an added benefit you will also be trained on how to use scientific tools for measuring performance, abilities and understanding behavior/temperaments of your clients - thereby making you one of the best leadership and empowerment coaches.

This course is benchmarked to the SAQA Qualification 59201 (Generic Management). The course could also benefit employees in developing performance objectives and those who regularly provide feedback to others. It should be linked to the Unit Standard: Principles, Practice of effective Leadership and Management coaching and mentoring in all business types from larger organizations to small business management.


This programme is designed for coaches, leaders, supervisors and managers in any sector where people engagements are typical at all levels. It is expected that you have responsibilities for supervising or leading others. There are no prerequisites to the course.


Registration fee is R650 and then R650 per month throughout the course duration. The once off cost is R5200.



Upon completion learners will receive a prestigious certificate issued in conjunction with South African Board for People Practices - a professional body registered with the South African Qualifications Authority, with responsibility for quality assurance of all human capital related training in South Africa.

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Dr King Costa
Dr King Costa
Instructor Title

Dr King is founder of King Costa & Associates (KC&A) also trading as The HRD Group SA. KC&A has been a member of The HRD Group Ltd that was based in Nottingham, England, with branches in all six continents. Dr King's mandate was to establish satellite branches of The HRD Group Ltd in Africa, and further responsible for all learning operations of the online programme accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management, also known as the ILM. Since 2014 KC&A has assumed responsibilities of learning operations independent of its British allies - and continues to seek and develop Associate-ships both in South Africa and abroad.

The purpose of this programme is to develop licensed Coaches & Mentors who can take such responsibilities to run their own agencies as part of the KC&A and The HRD South Africa brands. So this programme is both academic and practical, developing necessary skills for Coaching and Mentoring others, either as a Workplace Coach or an Independent Agency Owner (IAO) also known as Associate!